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certmaster -- it hands out SSL certs!

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About this fork

certmaster -- it hands out SSL certs from multiple CAs !!!

Multiple CA support

This certmaster fork introduces a new '--ca' argument for specifying an alternative certificate authority.

This allows one certmaster instance to supply certs from multiple authorities instead of having a separate certmaster instance for each certificate authority you are using.

If you don't want to use multiple CA's, this fork should act just like the parent certmaster project from Fedora - you should be able to upgrade your existing certmaster to this version, and it will continue to server your existing certs.

If you want to add additional certificate authorities, include a section to your certmaster.conf file as per below for each CA, using a different name and set of directories for each CA.

autosign = yes_or_no
cadir = /path/to/cadir
cert_dir = /path/to/cert_dir
certroot = /path/to/certroot
csrroot = /path/to/csrroot

Then to use the new CA, include the argument '--ca=name' in your list of certmaster-ca arguments to use the 'name' CA.

Likewise, when requesting certs from the new CA, include a section of the following form in your minion.conf file:

cert_dir = /path/to/cert_dir

Then include the argument '--ca=name' in your certmaster-request commands to request a cert from the 'name' CA.

If the '--ca' argument is not given, then the default CA, as defined by the autosign, cadir, cert_dir, certroot, and csrroot options from the main section of certmaster.conf or minion.conf is used.

Functional Tests

This fork introduces some functional tests using the shUnit2 framework.


The tests overwrite the /etc/certmaster/certmaster.conf and /etc/certmaster/minion.conf files, and delete the cert data directories, so only run these tests on a test server / VM / docker image, not on your live production certmaster instance.

Misc Changes

2015-10-16 Jude Nagurneybumping version to 0.29-1 master v0.29
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2011-09-05 Greg SwiftConsolidated definitions in logrotate file using glob.
2011-06-02 Todd Zullingerturn off auto-starting certmaster
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