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certmaster.git Fedora's certmaster (https... Jude N 4 years ago
hgr.git My "Hackers Gmail Replacement... Jude N 5 years ago
margebot.git An errbot that notifies chatro... Jude N 4 weeks ago
mmm.git Unnamed repository; edit this... Jude N 2 years ago site repo Jude N 7 months ago
salty_linter.git A very minimal Salt state... Jude N 8 months ago
tech-radar-editor.git A Phoenix-based front-end... Jude N 2 years ago
tech-radar.git A fork of Jude N 2 years ago
vagrant-dotfiles.git A vagrant plugin for copying... Jude N 15 months ago
vern.git An attempt at a proxy for... Jude N 7 months ago