2008-06-30 Michael DeHaanBump version for release, clean up wrong versions in... v0.20
2008-06-30 Michael DeHaanRemove stray print
2008-06-28 TANABE Ken... Add default value of 'cert_extension' in certconf
2008-06-28 TANABE Ken... Add cert_extension option
2008-05-01 Adrian Likinsadd two new options to "certmaster-ca"
2008-04-22 Adrian Likinsapply triggers patch from Steve Salevan <ssalevan@redha...
2008-04-22 Adrian Likinsapply triggers patch from Steve Salevan <ssalevan@redha...
2008-03-18 Adrian Likinsmore logging info. log info for sign_this_csr()
2008-03-18 Adrian Likinsbe a bit more verbose in the logging here, add file...
2008-03-18 Adrian Likinsfix a bug where certmaster was writing out the client...
2008-03-17 Adrian Likinscertmaster logging cleanups
2008-03-17 Adrian Likinsremove unused certmaster/minion/ and certmaster/overlor...
2008-03-17 Adrian Likinsadd some basic logging output to certmaster
2008-03-06 Michael DeHaanDo not move versions backward v0.19
2008-03-05 Adrian Likinslame build fix. Messages/gettext stuff needs to be...
2008-02-25 Adrian Likinsremove references to certmasterd
2008-02-25 Michael DeHaanConfig file tweaks
2008-02-25 Michael DeHaanMake hostname checking smarter.
2008-02-25 Michael DeHaanAdd missing file
2008-02-25 Michael DeHaanFind and replace
2008-02-25 Michael DeHaanCertmaster hostname check is different than minion...
2008-02-25 Michael DeHaanPushing changes as part of certmaster split
2008-02-25 Adrian Likinssome certmaster fixes, mostly path stuff
2008-02-13 Adrian Likinsduplicate fix from func tree over here
2008-02-13 Adrian Likinsmessage building fixes in the Makefile
2008-02-13 Michael DeHaanAdd missing file
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanMake things build (not to be confused with "work")
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanMakefile from func.
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanTrimming more stuff out.
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanMisc s/func/certmaster/ replacements
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanFix paths in logs
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanCarving away at func some more to just get down to...
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanChanging func to certmaster in top level directories...
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanStarting off the certmaster tree with most of the func...
2008-02-07 Michael DeHaanTest test
2008-02-05 Seth Vidallalala