descriptionA Phoenix-based front-end for the tech radar.
ownerJude N
last changeSun, 6 Aug 2017 16:32:30 +0000 (12:32 -0400)


A Phoenix-based editor for tech radars. Below is the Phoneix-generated boilerplate.

To start your Phoenix app:

Now you can visit localhost:4000 from your browser.

Ready to run in production? Please check our deployment guides.

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2017-08-06 Jude NCheckpoint commit - blips show up as a sidebar now... master
2017-07-04 Jude Ncheckpoint: create/delete working now / existing tests...
2017-06-27 Jude NCheckpoint commit
2017-06-18 Jude NTrivial to force post-receive hook to generat...
2017-06-18 Jude NRemoving *~ files added in the last commit
2017-06-18 Jude NInitial commit: there's still tons of base Phoenix...
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