Jude Nagurney

Northern Virginia


I'm a results-oriented software engineer with a strong focus on agile and devops processes.

Technical Skills:

  • Languages : Python, C/C++, Ruby, SQL, Bash, lua, Javascript, Typescript
  • Tools : Salt, SELinux, Jenkins, emacs, vi, Jira, git, Gitlab, Docker, podman, Automate Android app, Nagios, Zabbix
  • Frameworks : Django, Angular, Rails, SqlAlchemy, AngularJS
  • Operating Systems : Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, CentOS, Rocky, Raspbian), Microsoft Windows
  • Databases : PostgresSQL, MySQL, Oracle, sqlite

Work Experience


Herndon Virginia
October 2016 - Present

Staff Software Engineer

February 2023 - Present

Solution-oriented Staff Engineer adept at unraveling complex technical challenges, and fostering a culture of proactive problem-solving across projects.

  • Created a series of project-based orientation presentations to facilitate onboarding of new employees.
  • Assumed responsibility for a mission-critical, dormant project, ensuring users had a dedicated point of contact.
  • Assumed responsibility for tagging new software releases and pushing the releases into production.
  • Worked with the leadership at my current company to recognize the staff engineer role.
  • Reviewed software changes to ensure code quality standards were upheld, and that knowledge was shared across the teams.

Senior Software Engineer

October 2016 - February 2023

Developed and maintained Python-based software projects

  • Developed an SMS-based solution for the Netgear LTE Mobile Hotspot Router Conducted a deep dive into AT modem commands essential for sending and receiving SMS messages.
  • Developed SMS-based solutions using services such as Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, and Vitelity.
  • Developed and maintained Salt states and Puppet manifests for various projects.
  • Developed flows with the Automate app for controlling and monitoring Android phones.
  • Wrote a Errbot plugin for reporting open merge requests that were waiting for peer reviews.
  • Worked on porting projects to Raspbian to run on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. This included rebuilding packages for the arm7 architecture.
  • Developed and maintained Jenkins continuous integration jobs for multiple projects. Also proactively tracked down the root causes of build failures when the jobs failed.
  • Developed and monitored Nagios monitoring for the development network.
  • Provided Production support and troubleshooting.
  • Provided training and support for junior engineers.

Applied Security Inc.

Reston Virginia
March 2010 – October 2016

Software Engineer (Development Group)

April 2016 - October 2016

Wrote Python code for new projects and extended existing Python code bases

  • Extended a project to dynamically allocate AWS hosts based on system usage.
  • Wrote Python code for sending and receiving SMS messages through Plivo and Twilio
  • Developed and maintained Puppet manifests for development projects

Software Engineer (Security Group)

March 2014 - April 2016

Extended devops practices to cover security reviews

  • Introduced an SELinux strict policy workflow allowing developers to do most of the work associated with setting up a policy. Previously all policy work was done by a single engineer. Now policy work can be distributed across the development team.
  • Continued supporting puppet infrastructure for both the dev and ops environments, especially with respect to security-related changes.

Software Engineer (Engineering Group)

March 2012 - March 2014

Introduced 'infrastructure-as-code' to the ASI Engineering group.

  • Introduced Puppet and Cobbler provisioning into the Engineering workflow, cutting down the time it took from them to bring up new data centers drastically, and increasing consistency across all data centers.
  • Captured the state of the existing Engineering infrastructure in Puppet manifests
  • Introduced git and rpm packaging to internal Engineering projects
  • Liaison between development and operations, especially with respect helping development write code that wouldn't be denied against operation's SELinux policies.

Software Engineer (Web Technology Group)

March 2010 - March 2012

Managed, developed and maintained the Web Technology infrastructure environment.

  • Deployed Puppet across the WT infrastructure machine (DNS, Jenkins, Mercurial, Cobbler) as well as project-specific build server and test machines. Wrote scripts for monitoring the health of the puppet infrastructure.
  • Designed the architecture for a custom internal cloud for quickly building stacks of test VMs based on Puppet, Cobbler, PDNS, and VMWare ESX, and deployed a majority of the components.
  • Extended the number of Jenkins jobs to cover all WT projects, including building rpm/deb packages, publishing the packages to an internal repository, and then installing the packages from the rep to test machines.
  • Wrote and maintained a script to verify Jenkins jobs were configured consistently across WT.
  • Maintained the WT DNS zones and monitored the accuracy of the DNS records over time.
  • Tuned the WT VMWare ESX servers and performed troubleshooting on slow VMs.
  • Developed and maintained the packaging code of WT project
  • Wrote and maintained RPM spec files for CentOS-based projects and Debian build directories for Ubuntu-based projects.
  • Wrote and maintained /etc/init.d/ scripts for many WT projects.
  • Maintained yum and apt package repositories
  • Designed, developed and maintained a shared report building tool.
  • Designed and implemented a Django application for creating ad-hoc reports.
  • Designed and implemented Django and Pylons clients for the reporting tool.

NeuStar, Inc.

Sterling, Virginia
March 2009 – February 2010

Software Engineer III (UltraDNS Services)

Maintained the UltraDNS XML API and AXFR services.

  • Designed, implemented and deployed a system for maintaining secondary zone TSIG keys
  • Extended and maintained the UltraDNS Python-based XMLRPC API .
  • Extended and maintained the UltraDNS AXFR/IXFR zone transfer utility, written in C++.
  • Extended and maintained a utility for gathering DNS query timing statistics.
  • Worked on setting up consistent build procedures across the UltraDNS product line.
  • Worked closely with off-site engineers in Arizona and India.

StackSafe, Inc.

Vienna Virginia
November 2006 – January 2009

Senior Software Engineer (Test Center Product)

Designed, developed and maintained StackSafe's flagship Test Center product, which was awarded the 2008 ITIL Innovation of the Year.

  • Designed, implemented, maintained, and documented the product's TurboGears-based licensing system, including the design of its PostgreSQL database, and the sqlalchemy-migrations needed between releases.
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained the licensing and upgrade portions of the product's Rails-based GUI, including a Ruby-based cron job which would occasionally poll the upgrade server for new releases.
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained the product's Ruby-based command line interface.
  • Developed and maintained the products Python-based storage daemon, which was capable of surfacing a virtual machines QEMU disk image over the network by using qemu-nbd and nbd-client.
  • Helped develop and test the product's Python-based management daemon which was responsible for starting and stopping virtual machines.
  • Performed root cause analysis after build failures, sometimes having to dig pretty deep into code I was not written , including Python, C++, Ruby , and Perl code and bash scripts Many times these failures turned out to be locking/synchronization issues between various system components.
  • Maintained the Debian packages and apt-get repository using reprepro.
  • Implemented and maintained the installation scripts associated with the products deb-based packaging.
  • Customized the Debian install process to install our product along with the normal Ubuntu server installation, and to verify that the host machine supported virtualization. Since the Debian install process is not documented very well, this usually involved having to walk through the Debian-installer source to find out how it worked.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained the product's build environment, including a Python based nightly-build script which built all the source, loaded it onto the appropriate test machines, and run the smoke tests.
  • Acted as the primary QA engineer until a full time tester was hired, leading bi-weekly bug scrubs, and making sure all the outstanding issues were resolved before cutting a release.
  • Championed unit testing as an integral part of the normal development environment
  • Participated in code reviews, and monitored the SVN commit notices for questionable commits, especially after build failures.
  • Used Puppet to maintain the configuration Engineering lab's collection of build and test machines.
  • Submitted patches and bugs against the open source projects we were using on the product.
  • Worked closely with off-site engineers in California and New Jersey.

Cisco Systems

Herndon Virginia
November 2000 – September 2006

Lead Engineer(LMP Feature)

Led development LMP (RFC 4204) feature on the 15454DWDM multi-service transport platform.

  • Wrote design document and test plans for the LMP feature.
  • Implemented the IDL, CORBA layer, and TL1 (Transaction Language 1 – a widely used telecommunications management protocol) interface code for LMP feature
  • Tracked incoming defect reports for the LMP implementation
  • Participated in successful interoperability tests with the Calient PXC at the KDDI research labs outside Tokyo. Fixed and retested minor issues on-site during testing.. KDDI was very impressed with the quick turnaround time, saying it had taken a competitor months to make similar changes.
  • Trained support engineers in the LMP feature during technology transfer

Lead Engineer (15600 TL1 Feature)

Led development for the TL1 interface for the 15600 multi-service transport platform.

  • Assigned priorities for TL1-related bugs on the 15600 platform to a team of 7 engineers located in California, Texas, Italy, and India. Remove roadblocks associated with fixing the problems. Adjusted workloads to keep engineers from becoming swamped or burned out. Participated in most code reviews related to the 15600’s TL1 interface.
  • Removed 100K SLOC by aligning divergent code bases between the 15454 and 15600 platforms. The common code base freed up engineers who had previously been dedicated to either the 15454 or 15600. Fixing a bug or extending one platform also ended up being reflected on the other platform as well.
  • Worked closely with other Cisco sites in Texas, North Carolina, and California, as well as offshore developers in India, and Italy.
Software Engineer(15327, 15454, 15600 platforms)

Provided full life cycle support across a number of Cisco’s multi-service transport platforms

  • Wrote and maintained an extensive TL1 regression test suite in Expect. The test suite originally was meant to provide early testing for OSMINE deliverables. The tests were so successful, they began being used as a stability metric after branch syncs or merges. Before the tests were available, it might be weeks before a sync error was discovered. After the tests were implemented, sync errors were noticed within a day.
  • Implemented Telcordia’s COPY-RFILE feature. This was the first time the feature was developed by a vendor. Worked closely with Telcordia engineers to work out the kinks in their specification.
  • Resolved 800+ defects over 5 years, making me on of the top 5 contributors on the team. Wrote 700+ defect reports over 5 years despite not being a QA tester. Posted more defects than most of the dedicated testers.
  • Participated in multiple OSMINE certification cycles. The OSMINE testing cycle forced code delivery to Telcordia months before the software went through formal QA. This test suite guaranteed high quality software was delivered despite the lack of QA. OSMINE certification cost ~6M, so an unsuccessful certification effort would have been extremely expensive.
  • Had to carry a pager once or twice a year on a rotating basis in case any serious problems happened in the field that the regular support engineers couldn't resolve.


Fairfax, Virginia
March 1998 – November 2000

Senior Systems Analyst / Task Leader

Web Invoice System (WinS)

Developed Oracle stored procedures for digital signature application

  • Migrated embedded SQL in a Java servlets application to use stored procedures, allowing the database developers to focus on the SQL code, and the Java developers to focus on the servlet code.
  • Developed regression test plan for stored procedures.

Developed the project's C++ framework, and provided custom tools to support various aspects of the life cycle on a COBOL reengineering project

  • Developed framework for server side batches in C++
  • Implemented an engine for translating Rational Rose class diagrams into Oracle DDL scripts
  • Implemented a Microsoft Word template for capturing business rules which were then ported to Rational Rose
  • Implemented a database monitoring tool in Perl to ensure various design decisions were being maintained in the database schema
  • Implemented a regression test system for the batches which was incorporated into the nightly builds.

RS Information Systems

McLean Virginia
June 1995 – February 1998

Senior Systems Analyst / Task Leader

Midwest Electronic One-Stop Shopping Service (MEOSS)

Developed a credentialing and permitting system used by the trucking industry and state motor vehicle departments in seven Midwestern states.

  • Designed and implemented the mapping between the database schema and the EDI documents, including the design of the database schema
  • Developed the installation process for state and industry versions of the software.
  • Lead a team of four PowerBuilder developers
Virginia/Maryland CVISN Pilot Credentialing System

Ported the MEOSS Credentialing System to the states of Virginia and Maryland

  • Added client/server capabilities to the state portion of the MEOSS credentialing system
  • Developed a direct-dial communications subsystem to bypass VAN charges.
  • Developed a Perl script to diagnose common problems in ODBC.INI files.
IFTA Clearinghouse / Quarterly Tax Submission System

Developed a system for gathering fuel tax data from states.

  • Implemented the mapping between the database schema and the ANSI X12 813 EDI file format.
  • Developed the system for importing EDI files into a DB2 database.
  • Lead a team of 2 C++ developers
  • Developed the VAN communication system for sending and receiving EDI files
Hazardous Material Registration System (HARPS)

Developed a system allowing states to share hazardous material registration information.

  • Gathered system requirements and wrote the technical specification document.
  • Mapped database schema to the applicable ANSI X12 EDI formats.


George Mason University, Information Technology and Engineering School

Masters of Science / Computer Science / May 2006

Cornell University, College of Engineering

Bachelor of Science / Computer Science / May 1990

Open Source Projects:

Certmaster (http://github.com/jude/certmaster) (2015-Present) - Forked the Fedora Certmaster project adding support for multiple CAs and hash functions other than sha1

Haskell Augeas FFI Bindings (http://trac.haskell.org/augeas/ (2009-Present)

  • Provided foreign function interface bindings so Haskell users could easily use the Augeas library

python-module-for puppet (http://github.com/jude/python-module-for-puppet/tree/master) 2009

  • Extended Python packaging support in Puppet to include installation of specific package versions

Pwan OCL Library: (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pwan) (1999-2000)

  • Developed a YACC parser for the UML Object Constraint Language version 1.3

Various other patches on github (https://github.com/jude?tab=activity) (2009-Present)