'First' post

Posted on Mon 15 July 2013 in meta • Tagged with meta, shoshin

My previous provider Thinkhost is currently being rolled into Dreamhost, such that Thinkhost will be shut down at the end of the month. Apparently the old pwan.org site was dropped during the account migrations. First I noticed I wasn't receiving any pwan.org email, so I opened a ticket, then I realized the entire site was down and opened another ticket.

As far as I can tell all that's left of Thinkhost's tech support department is the liebot sending out the 'someone will get back to you as soon as possible' automated ticket responses. Blthhh. After 5 days of no site and radio silence, I finally got a response that said pretty much 'You're Dreamhost's problem now.'

By that time, I had already updated my domain records to point to a new VM on Digital Ocean. Bye Thinkhost/Dreamhost or web hosting in general. I have a full VM with root access now on a Linux distro of my choice for a third what I was paying for hosting.

I have the site backed up and maybe I'll eventually port some of it over, but I really hadn't been maintaining it, and it was super ugly. So in the spirit of shoshin I'm rebuilding the site from scratch filled with a beginner's enthusiasm.

I'm getting by with an email redirection service provided by my domain registrar, but the plan is to implement my own mail server based on Daniel Petterson's work with respect to building a gmail replacement.

Let's see how this goes.