Posted on Sat 09 November 2013 in opsec

I've implementing a version of Daniel Patterson's Hacker's GMail Replacement, and finally got around to publishing it as a Puppet module. Even if you don't know puppet, it shouldn't be too hard to walk through the manifests and see what setting it up involved.

I don't live inside Emacs as much as Mr Patterson apparently does, so I left out the notmuch and afew content. Instead I added radicale support for publishing my calendar and todo lists, and I've started moving towards setting up LDAP for my address book. That may be overkill - maintaining an LDAP address book for personal use looks like a PITA.

So far, it's working well with my phone using K9 for mail and aCal for a calender. On the non-phones, Thunderbird/Lightning is working out well.

I've set up gmail to forward to my non-gmail account. Pretty much the only time I log into gmail (or google for that matter) in the past couple months has been to delete content or wipe profile data.

It was an interesting exercise. The next steps for this project would be to update the manifests to follow the Puppet Forge documentation standards, and to include some rspec-puppet tests, and then to maybe like into setting up Packer to build a VM that applies the module.